Levensverhaal Alfred Tsegula

Alfred Tsegula

My name is Alfred Tsegula. I was born on 13 October 1998. I have one younger brother, Grey. We lost both parents while we were still young. My father died in 2002 and my mother died in 2009. After the death of my parents, our life changed completely; it became harder for us to survive. One of our relatives decided we could live with her. Despite her kindness, life was still not normal because she was not employed or doing any business; she depended on incidental petty jobs; therefore, we had to live a hand-to-mouth kind of existence.

All this happened when I was in primary school, standard 5. I was working hard at school and when I reached standard 8 and sat for the final examinations, I got selected to a Community Day Secondary School in 2012. I was so happy with the results, but the only problem was a lack of school fees as my guardian failed to pay; however, one of my teachers, Mrs Magolowondo, decided to support me. I started Form 1 and was working hard and doing well, but when I was in Form 3 in 2015, my teacher stopped the support because of a financial crisis in her family.

It was in 2017 when I met Pastor Kaiya. I consulted him and explained my situation to him. Then, finally he promised to support me to complete my secondary school education. Upon his advice, I went back to school in 2017 to do Form 3 again. I was very happy, and I was working very hard because I knew, to succeed in life, I needed to obtain a good education. It has always been my dream to be a productive person and excel in life. In 2019, I wrote my school certificate examinations and passed very well; I was selected to study to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Gender and Development at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

I was and still I am very happy to have been selected to the university but the problem still remains the same; lack of steady financial support from the time I lost my parents.Due to the Covid19 pandemic, there were delays but could commence my studies in August 2021.I am grateful to ReachOut for the support so that I can complete my education at the University. I promise to work hard and do well in my studies in order to realize my dreams. I thank you.


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