Policy Plan 2020

Policy Plan 2020

Since 2016, ReachOut has supported a group of around eight students. In the first years, the supported students went to a secondary school. A number of them successfully completed secondary school and were interested to move to the next level, that is, a vocational training or a university education. ReachOut has continued its support to these students as it is ReachOut’s goal to help the students until they reach the capacity to take care of themselves by finding a good job and being independent and responsible citizens.

New policy decisions for 2020
End 2019 the board took a number decisions with a view of shaping the course of action in 2020. These decisions were:

  • ReachOut will apply for the ANBI status in 2020 marking the beginning of a fundraising campaign. This new perspective was deemed necessary as the previous lumpsum financing was to be terminated within a period of two years.
  • In 2020 no new students will be adopted and supported by ReachOut’s support programme as the entire budget is necessary to support the incumbent supported students.
  • The new steering committee in Malawi will be active in 2020. It will be responsible for the execution of ReachOut’s programme in Malawi.

In 2019 no new candidates were accepted because the current budget was needed for the support of the already supported students. The students supported in 2020 are as follows.

Policy Plan 2020 1

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