Life Story Grivice Thandaza

Grivice Thandaza

My name is Grivice Thandaza, born on 15th December, 1995 in a family of eight children. My parents are peasant farmers and life has been hard. In 2010, I was selected to a day Secondary school. My mother used to sell vegetables and the little she earned from the sales supported the family.

Being at a government secondary school then was like a big blessing because the fees were relatively low (about €10.00 per academic year), so with a bit of luck my mother managed. But the big problem arose when I passed my school certificate examinations in 2014 and secured a place at Chancellor College (University of Malawi) in 2015, the tuition fees alone was very high (about €395.00) per year, and other related costs such as accommodation and meals were not cheap either. Knowing that my parents were just peasants and could not afford to raise that amount of money per year, I visited the college to try and see if I could get some help from the government through the college. It was all in vain but I was advised to apply for place reservation for the following one academic year which I did with the hope that I would perhaps get financial assistance.

I was on the verge of losing my place and I was therefore desperately looking for assistance so I could obtain university education. Then I was introduced to ReachOut by one pastor. Since 2017, ReachOut has been supporting me fully with tuition fees, accommodation, meals, upkeep and travel expenses. Since then, my life has never been the same. I am now in the fourth and final year of my studies and the future looks brighter because with the knowledge I have acquired I am sure I will be self-reliant and be able to support others including my family. All this has been possible because of ReachOut; without ReachOut I was doomed. God bless ReachOut.


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