Life Story Nolit Mtawale

Nolit Mtawale from Malawi

I am Nolit Mtawale from Malawi. I was born on 23rd September 1996 and I am the first born in a family of six children; four boys and two girls. My parents are subsistence fish sellers. I sat for school certificate examinations and passed in 2015. Through the small-scale business my parents were able to pay for my secondary school education because the fees was small since it was a day school.

All along I have aimed at becoming an ACCOUNTANT one day, but the course in the tertiary institutions is very expensive, such that the earnings from fish sales by far could not cater for tuition and other related fees. Then I decided to assist my parents in selling the fish, I tried hard but still things did not work out as desired. They could afford to save about €24 only per month and therefore I could not enrol in any institution. This pained me a lot because I did not want to get married before completing tertiary education like many of my colleagues did.

One day, by grace of God, I learnt about ReachOut Education Support Foundation. I immediately submitted my application and I am so thankful that I was granted a scholarship which enabled me to commence my studies in 2017 at Blantyre International University. Now I am in my final year, and I am very thankful to ReachOut for the unconditional support, it means a lot in my life. I look to the future with great hope knowing very well that with the knowledge I have acquired, I shall be able to stand on my own and be able to help others as well as help in the socio-economic development of my country- Malawi. Thanks to ReachOut; you are “a friend indeed.”


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